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System Benefits

Dramatically reduce your pool heating costs!

Leveraging the sun as a clean, renewable and free energy source delivers a powerful financial and environmental benefit.

Fafco has created the lightest, lowest cost, easy-to-install solar thermal system ever.

Due to the light weight solar collectors and pre-assembled system components FAFCO’s solar pre-heat system can be installed at a fraction of the cost of other types of systems.

FAFCO’s high perfomance unglazed polymer solar collectors rival the performance at preheating temperatures of glazed and evacuated tube collectors, but cannot over heat.

The pipings and fittings are made of the same weather resistant polymer that enables FAFCO’s solar collectors to last more than 30 years in the sun!

The system is fully atomated with FAFCO’s innovative com,puter based control and data logging system.

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