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Solar Energy is the Most Economical
& Efficient Way to Heat Commercial Pools

More commercial facilities are making the switch to solar energy to provide a large portion of their pool heating needs. A solar pool heating system can drastically reduce the cost of heating pools regardless of location. Solar thermal is a proven technology that heats water with clean solar energy, greatly reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Solar energy may be the only practical way to heat swimming pools. A solar system greatly reduces demand on conventional systems to maintain temperatures.

-Jerome Kasvan

FAFCO introduced the world’s first polymer heating panel for swimming pools in 1969

Highest rated performance in the solar industry

The only manufacturer with over 40 years of proven experience & reliability FAFCO panels are lightweight, ultraviolet resistant, and deliverunmatched protection against cracking and fading

FAFCO has received over 30 U.S. patents spanning over four decades

FAFCO has over 1.5 million solar panels installed around the world

First solar pool company to build a state of the art dedicated solar research, design and production facility

Oldest and largest U.S. based solar pool manufacturer