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Solar Energy is the Most Economical
& Efficient Way to Heat Commercial Pools

More commercial facilities are making the switch to solar energy to provide a large portion of their pool heating needs. A solar pool heating system can drastically reduce the cost of heating pools regardless of location. Solar thermal is a proven technology that heats water with clean solar energy, greatly reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Clean Energy for Savings and Sustainability

Solar Thermal Solutions for Industrial Hot Water Preheating

Most commercial and industrial facilities - including food processors, bottling plants and dairies - can benefit from using solar thermal technology to preheat their hot water.

By focusing on preheating your incoming mains water, we can significantly reduce the energy used by your boilers. Harnessing heat from the sun to cut the amount of conventional energy required to heat water delivers longterm financial reward, monthly energy savings, reduced operating expenses and protection against rising energy prices. It also yields significant sustainability dividends by contributing to a cleaner environment.

Why FAFCO Solar Thermal for Preheating Water?

When it comes to solar, FAFCO's solar thermal solution for preheating water is the ideal answer.

Tap Into Solar Incentives.

Federal, state and local/utility incentives can dramatically reduce the cost of system installation.

Depending on incentives in your area, savings could total more than $500,000, significantly reducing the payback period and increasing the return on your solar investment.


Our FAFCO solar project helps us stabilize costs while using renewable energy. With the fluctuation of natural gas prices, using solar means that a portion of our energy costs can be anticipated.

-Brad Stapleton
CEO Stapleton-Spence

The most cost-effective way to preheat large volumes of hot water

The least disruptive to plant operations with minimal ongoing maintenance

Lowest capital investment and fastest payback compared to other solar investments

Lightweight, flexible and easy to install - low impact to roof structure

Proven longevity - many of our collectors have been in the field more than 20 years

System performance backed by the most experienced solar thermal company in the United States