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The FAFCO 500 Series solar hot water system is our latest technology and our highest performing solution. Its streamlined design easily integrates with your current electric or natural gas water heater and gives you years of trouble-free operation and significant energy savings.

The system is fully automated, gathering the sun’s energy when it’s available and turning itself off when solar energy is unavailable.

Diagram illustrating how Fafco's Solar Water Heating systems work.

how it works:

  1. The 500 Series system features lightweight, ultraviolet-resistant polymer solar collectors. A heat transfer solution is channeled through the collectors where it absorbs heat from the sun.
  2. The integrated circulation module automatically runs when there is enough solar energy to heat your water. It pumps two separate, closed loops, one to the solar collectors and one to your hot water tank. Heat is transferred between the two loops without the heat transfer solution ever contacting your household water.
  3. Much of the electricity or gas normally used to produce hot water is replaced by the sun’s energy. Hot water is now available for all household needs.
  4. An optional photovoltaic (PV) solar panel kit is available that enables off-the-grid operation — providing the electricity required for service, even during a power outage.
  5. Gas water heaters require an additional storage tank. A second tank is optional with electric water heaters. Your Revolution dealer will determine the system that best suits your needs. Find a dealer near you.