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FAFCO solar hot water systems are designed to operate automatically, gathering the sun’s energy when available. When solar energy is unavailable, the system turns itself off and the hot water is stored in your water tank until it is needed.

Diagram illustrating how Fafco's Solar Water Heating systems work.

how it works:

  1. Solar collector panels—made of durable, lightweight, ultraviolet-resistant, polymer material—are designed specifically for hot water heating.
  2. When solar energy is available, collector panels heat water pumped through the solar loop.
  3. A heat exchanger transfers heat from the solar loop to water in your storage tank where it is available for all household needs. Water in the two loops never mixes.
  4. When not in operation, the water in the solar collectors drains back into the wall-mounted drainback tank to prevent water from freezing inside the solar collector panels.