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FAFCO solar water heating solutions are designed to work with electric, natural gas or tankless (instantaneous) water heaters. Your current system and hot water requirements will determine the configuration of your solar hot water system. Your FAFCO dealer will design the system that best suits your needs.

FAFCO 200 series schematic

product options:

  1. A single-tank configuration is standard for installations with an electric water heater. However, a dual-tank configuration, which includes a dedicated solar hot water tank, is an option and may be desirable for large families or homes where additional hot water capacity is desired.
  2. A dual-tank configuration is required for installations with a gas water heater. One of the tanks is used to hold just the water heated by the solar collectors.

Depending on your needs and the selected configuration, a FAFCO installation by your dealer may be as quick as a half day. Find a dealer near you.