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Solar Pool Heating Support FAQ’s

How do I get my solar hot water system tax credit/rebates?
Your FAFCO dealer can assist you in obtaining your tax credits and rebates.
Can I purchase a solar hot water system directly through FAFCO?
FAFCO products are available through a network of professional dealers and installers. Find a dealer near you.
What if I want even more hot water, for longer showers, etc.? Can I adjust my solar hot water system settings?
The controller is factory preprogrammed to maximize utility electric bill savings. The controller will activate the bottom element of your water heater tank at night when the solar heater is not operating and provide for hot morning showers. Only a FAFCO dealer is authorized to reprogram the controller and altering the factory settings may reduce electric bill savings.
Will the FAFCO system work with my existing pool equipment, or will I need to upgrade my equipment? How large of a pump will I need?
In most cases the existing pool pump is more than sufficient to handle the flow requirements of a FAFCO solar pool heating system. Your solar or pool professional can provide you additional, site specific information.
Can I upgrade my system after it has been installed?
Yes. FAFCO solar pool collectors are modular in design, so upgrades are relatively easy.
What type of maintenance, if any, is required?
FAFCO solar pool heating systems are designed to provide years of trouble free enjoyment. FAFCO owner’s manual provides maintenance information.
Where can I go to get an owners’ manual?
You installation professional can provide one or it can be downloaded from the product literature section of our website .
I have a tile roof. Can a FAFCO system be installed on a tile roof?
FAFCO solar pool heating systems have been successfully installed all over the world on many, if not all, roof types.
I have a rather small roof space. Do all of the panels have to be on the same roof?
Your installing professional can design a system that will work with virtually any roof configuration.
I am replacing my roof. Can my FAFCO system be removed and then put back on my new roof?
Your installation professional can easily accommodate the removal and re-installation of your system and can coordinate this process with the roofing contractor.
If my system leaks, do the panels need to be replaced, or can they be repaired?
FAFCO solar pool collectors are rugged and reliable. In the unlikely occurrence of collector leak, it can be repaired in place in a matter of minutes.
I have a FAFCO system and I do not remember who installed it. How can I find out?
Send FAFCO an e-mail requesting the information, if your system was registered at the time of installation the name of the installing dealer will be provided to you.
I just bought a house that has a FAFCO system on it. Is my system covered under warranty?
Warranty coverage applies to the original purchaser of the system.
The dealer that installed my system is no longer a FAFCO dealer. Am I still covered under warranty?
Coverage would still be in full effect, subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty at the time of the original purchase.
Should the pressure increase in my pump and filter?
When your solar system is turned on, there will be an increase in pressure with your pump and filter. This is normal a
Should I run the system on cloudy days?
Most FAFCO systems utilize an electronic solar control that will turn the system off when weather conditions are not favorable for solar heating. Manual systems should be turned off or by-passed in adverse weather.
Should I run the system at night?
Manual systems should be turned off at night so that the pool water is not running through the solar panel, which will cool your pool. Systems with an electronic control will automatically by-pass the system if the pool pump is run at night.
Has my system been running long enough?
It can take three to five days to reach a maximum temperature increase.
Should my panel be cool to the touch?
Yes. If your panel is cool to the touch, this means that your pool water is running through the panel properly.
I have bubbles in the pool during startup, is this normal?
It is normal to see bubbles in the pool at start-up. When you start your system, it pushes the pool water through the panel and purges out any air in the solar panels.